While desperately seeking a graphic design job last year, I decided to build a creative CV in Photoshop. Problem was, the pages were saved as images and I couldn’t paste them into Word without them doing that annoying moving-around-for-no-reason thing. That’s when I remembered that some of the comics I’d edited were released as PDFs. I came across doPDF and it really was a miracle worker; you can convert multiple images or pages of text by simply going to ‘Print’ and selecting doPDF as the printer. It will go through the usual on screen processes of actual printing, but the end result is a PDF stored in the doPDF folder. Genius!

One thing I should point out: I originally downloaded doPDF on my old computer, then downloaded the updated version on my new computer. For some reason the pages all turn out landscape in the newer version (version 7 I think). It may have been fixed since but it’s worth checking out just in case.

 Download here:


While it may look a little basic here, Photoscape is actually a really good program for editing and handling images. It has the typical editing tools of any photo editor, but has so much more to offer. You can make high quality animated GIFs without any watermarks, arrange multiple photos on a page with preset layouts, and… well, I think you should just see for yourself. For a free program, it really is good to have. All of the animated GIFs you see on my other sites were animated using Photoscape.

 Download here:


Greenshot is a great screenshot program for PC. See I use both PCs and MACs, and one thing I found is that the screenshot functions on a MAC are much more convenient. All you have to do is press either cmd+3 (full screen) or cmd+4 (custom selection) and the capture is automatically saved to the desktop. With PCs, on the other hand, the capture is saved to the clipboard and then has to be pasted into Paint or a similar program, then manually saved to wherever you want; if you need to do multiple screenshots, this becomes very time consuming and quite annoying. Greenshot is the answer.

Using Greenshot, PC users now have the ability to take a screenshot and have it auto-saved to a destination of their choice. It works in the background and is very easy to configure. Hope you find it as useful as I do!

 Download here: