Hair Brushes

Ideal for adding texture and definition to hair, these are very useful brushes by ~AngelinaResource on DeviantArt. I find the best way to use them is to choose a darker base/root colour, then use these brushes in a lighter tone over the top, like you can see in the submission image above. Alternatively, you can use them in white in ‘overlay’ mode for images that have more lighting.


NOTE: Be sure to check out the creator’s usage rules on the download page! All credit, including the submission image, goes to ~AngelinaResource

Night Lights by m-ajinah

This is a wonderful brush set that contains a great selection of subtle light/bokeh brushes. They’re perfect for adding atmospheric lighting to a piece of artwork or photography! Seriously, don’t look any further for brushes like these; there is such a variety you won’t need any more. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a working link to the creator’s page, but m-ajinah deserves a round of applause for these.


NOTE: These brushes are not commercially licensed and all credit, including the submission image, goes to m-ajinah

RLK’s Personal Favourite

These are my absolute miracle brushes. Yup, these ‘Skin Care’ brushes by ~KeepWaiting on DeviantArt are the brushes I use most often. The first two brushes in the pack are super-soft and super versatile.. this isn’t an ad for a floor mop, I swear T^T  Anyway, the subtle brushes are wonderful for artists such as myself, who like to build pieces up in lots of strokes and layers. When my friends ask me for advice on getting a certain effect in Photoshop I nearly always recommend these brushes.


NOTE: These brushes are not commercially licenced and all credit, including the submission image, goes to ~KeepWaiting